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Registrations for the LC preparation course are conditioned by the level of the student. Indeed the groups must be homogeneous and the students must have a B1 level. Students who are not B1 will go to a general French course or a pre-Leaving Cert. In any case, the LC preparation program is for level B1 and cannot in any case correspond to a lower level. Special Leaving Cert Preparation Course program,  students will be in the context leaving cert preparation course in France throughout their stay ... We think it is a waste of time to do a general course (surely with less motivated students) + a few moments of Preparation at LC. They will be 22 lessons per week in a SPECIAL L-Cert environment  to focus on the four core skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. This develops student’s confidence to apply the methods and techniques necessary under exam conditions. Durant these sessions, the teacher will focus on oral communication, grammar, vocabulary as well as cultural topics depending on student’s needs and requirements. In the focused Leaving cert classes, students will join classes in groups during which they will specifically prepare for the exams. Students will study past exam papers, practice in exam conditions under guidance from a teacher. Teachers will provide constructive advice about exam preparation techniques including stress management

25 Leaving Cert Preparation course Classes will take place Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 13:15 pm. 

   Lesson 1   Lessons 2 and 3   Lessons 4 and 5 
 GRAMMAR        The recent past. Formation and usage verb drills and exercises based on the Day 1 & 2 
 WRITING            One sample past Leaving Certificate skill exam 2019 
 ORAL 1               Leaving Certificate sample aural tape scrip exam 2020 
 ORAL 2                              
A major part of our Leaving Cert preparation curriculum is centered on study skills. A good  comprehension of the subject does not always translate to examination performance if the  student is unable to note and structure their revision effectively. Our study skills include : stress  management, to make students more comfortable in front of examiner. Concentration and  listenning skills. Revision and memory aids, effective notes taking, Motivation, Student in  situation in front of a board of examiners.
Our teaching model is based on a complete and daily revision who will allow the student to  memorize the essential elements.



BMA Biarritz choose rigorously their French hosts and selects them based on: • their ability to welcome students into their homes • the location of their homes, no further than 15 minutes on foot from the school • a willingness to speak to students in French.
BMA takes into account the student's preferences and individual needs. For this reason, we encourage students to submit their French host preferences when booking a language course.
On arrival, students are collected at the airport by their French host and BMA Staff. Price Details Prices include: • a bed in a twin bedroom in the home of a French host from Sunday to Saturday, being the day before and the day after their french exam preparation course • breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • L Cert 25 lessons/week (9:00 a.m. to 13:15 p.m.)

    + Full board or half board Host Family accommodation (shared room)

    3 surfing sessions + 1 excursion/week

    4 activities/week + Social program

    (Free transfers from Biarritz airport or train station)



 42, Avenue Kennedy 64200 BIARRITZ

+33 (0)686 762 181

 Mo-Fr: 9.00-18.00


The school is located between a quiet residential area and a very active shopping center and features seven entirely renovated classrooms in a charming Basque house. Our school is fully equipped with a resource center containing ten computers at your disposal as well as wireless internet.

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-Adults 16 & + General course group / Duo or one to one course

-Add surfing lessons or various excursions

-Accommodation half board in  BMA family or with your own accommodation

-Juniors 14/18 General course group / Master class 4 

-Add surfing lessons/ or various activities

-Accommodation half board or full board in family by BMA