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Under 18, only host family accommodation

Host Family : Host families provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all meals on weekends, with an individual, comfortable bedroom. Generally, there are one or several students of different nationalities per family, except during the high season when this cannot be guaranteed. All our host family accommodation is located in Biarritz. Accommodation is from the Sunday prior to the course start date until the Saturday after the end of the course. Please do not forget to send us your full travel arrangements at least 2 weeks before you arrive.Students aged 16-18 years old are allocated twin rooms and full board (picnic lunch) as opposed to half board for the same standard daily price. During the July period BMA may have to offer twin accommodation to students aged over 18 years old.



Adults students, choose your accommodation 

Host Family :Family accommodation is for all ages, not just juniors. Through living with a family, you experience a full immersion in the country's lifestyle and culture and get a chance to savour some typical dishes. It is nice to have the comfort of a home and yet have the freedom to come and go as you wish.You can choose breakfast only or half board (breakfast and dinner). We recommend half board as most of the discussions with the family usually take place over dinner. 

Host family search fee. 80€ This fixed, non-refundable fee covers the  costs relating of the host family research, visits to the student during his stay in the family as well as postal and telephone charges.

Hotel : A Hotel stay guarantees you total freedom of movement and impeccable service. It's the perfect choice for short stay. We propose you http// 
Hotel, appartment, rent a flat search fee : 80€

Rent a flat to a particular :The school is available to help you rent an apartment on your own, or sharing with others students. PAPVACANCES  Hotel/Appart/rent a flat search fee. 80€



 42, Avenue Kennedy 64200 BIARRITZ

+33 (0)686 762 181

 Mo-Fr: 9.00-18.00


The school is located between a quiet residential area and a very active shopping center and features seven entirely renovated classrooms in a charming Basque house. Our school is fully equipped with a resource center containing ten computers at your disposal as well as wireless internet.

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-Adults 16 & + General course group / Duo or one to one course

-Add surfing lessons or various excursions

-Accommodation half board in  BMA family or with your own accommodation

-Juniors 14/18 General course group / Master class 4 

-Add surfing lessons/ or various activities

-Accommodation half board or full board in family by BMA