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Easter French Course at BMA Biarritz School

 EASTER FRENCH COURSE : - 20 French courses (10 general course + 10 grammar revision)+5 Speaking practise +Accommodation full board host family only in Biarritz + Gym pass (unlimited access at the gym + 1 excursion week) +all transfers +BMA 24/7 support.

Before your Easter getaway you will take an online French assessment test that’ll allow us to place you in a class that’s perfect for your level. Develop your language skills in a positive and supportive environment, and after 20 lessons per week see your confidence in expressing and understanding the language improve.

Classes will take place Monday to Friday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm. (Teenagers prefer begin 9:30 am) All school materials are provided, so bring whatever essentials you need) We know that teenagers value their space and friends, so they will have plenty of free time to see the city or hang out in afternoons. There will is a curfew but we will decide it, together in Biarritz... but they also love sports and we offer a fitness room pass to spend a little time.

Easter French Courses and EASTER LEAVING CERT PREPARATION " : 20 French courses (15 French courses + 10 focused Leaving-Cert + 2 exams workshops+ Accommodation full board host family only in Biarritz -Pass gym (unlimited access at the gym+ 1 excursion week)  +all transfers +BMA 24/7 support.

More and more students are telling us how participating in a language course in France has helped them to get better exam results. Most people who speak a second language fluently will tell you that there is no substitute to conversing with native speakers to improve your language skills. On an Leaving Cert preparation Course, your teacher in the classroom will be a native speaker who has put together a program specifically designed to improve your Leaving Certificate exam result.

In the evenings you will live and interact with a carefully chosen host family putting into immediate practice what you have learned in the classroom. In a short space of time you will notice a significant improvement in all aspects of your ability to communicate. prepare for the Leaving Certificate French examinations, to train for specific examinations (listening activities, presenting a theme, writing a letter, narrative or summary, etc.) to practice linguistic skills (written expression, “essay planning”, oral / written comprehension, oral / interactive communication) to revise grammar and build vocabulary communicative methods, role play and use of real documents and Exam papers.

 SPECIAL MAY  TRANSITION YEAR SPECIAL ORAL" : 20 French courses (-20 French courses + 4 oral workshops +Accommodation full board host family only in Biarritz +Pass gym (unlimited access at the gym+ 1 excursion week) +all transfers +BMA 24/7 support.

At its most basic level, oral language is about communicating with other people. It involves a process of utilizing thinking, knowledge and skills in order to speak and listen effectively. As such, it is central to the lives of all people. BMA provides support in the development of listening and speaking skills in French, including academic listening, small group discussion, oral presentation, and intercultural communication. Students taking the course for 2 weeks will have 3 additional lessons and a 45-minute tutorial each week.

  • Juniors 15/18

    Half board Host Family accommodation

    Gym + 1 excursion/week

    (Free transfers from Biarritz airport or train station)


    BMA Biarritz choose rigorously their French hosts and selects them based on: • their ability to welcome students into their homes • the location of their homes, no further than 15 minutes on foot from the school • a willingness to speak to students in French BMA takes into account the student's preferences and individual needs.

    For this reason, we encourage students to submit their French host preferences when booking a language course. On arrival, students are collected at the airport by their French host and BMA Staff.

    Host Family Price include: • a bed in a twin bedroom in the home of a French host from Sunday to Saturday, being the day before and the day after their french course • breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Full board / breakfast and dinner for half board



     42, Avenue Kennedy 64200 BIARRITZ

    +33 (0)686 762 181

     Mo-Fr: 9.00-18.00


    The school is located between a quiet residential area and a very active shopping center and features seven entirely renovated classrooms in a charming Basque house. Our school is fully equipped with a resource center containing ten computers at your disposal as well as wireless internet.

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    -Adults 16 & + General course group / Duo or one to one course

    -Add surfing lessons or various excursions

    -Accommodation half board in  BMA family or with your own accommodation

    -Juniors 14/18 General course group / Master class 4 

    -Add surfing lessons/ or various activities

    -Accommodation half board or full board in family by BMA